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Trademark is a sign, logo, brand name, design or a combination of these which helps distinguish the goods or services of one from that of the other producers, enterprises or competitors. Trademark creates an image in the customers’ mind as to the brand value & goodwill of the producer from whom they are buying the good or service. A registered trademark, if used and promoted optimally can become the most valuable asset of a corporation. India, being a member of the Madrid Protocol gives the right holders a benefit to obtain trademark registration in multiple countries through a single application.

Some Advantages of Trademark registration are: -

  • It helps in expanding the business multi-fold by making the trademark/ brand name renowned throughout India.
  • Registration gives the exclusive right to use the mark in respect of goods or services for which registered, i.e. it cannot be used or copied by others in the same or similar line of business.
  • Trademark also gives the exclusive right to license out/ assign it, thus making it conducive for setting up a national level chain or to give franchises.
  • Creates an impression in the minds of the consumers, as to the good and unmatched quality of the goods or services associated with the trademark.

PGA has a team of highly experienced trademark attorneys providing a complete range of services in the field of trademarks such as filing and prosecution of applications, trademark search and pursuing civil, criminal and administrative enforcement actions. Our team’s value-added trademark services help clients maximize business value from their trademarks.